West Mercia Women's Aid



During the Spring of 2020, when the global COVID-19 pandemic started to take ahold, we were approached by West Mercia Women's Aid to create a series of informative films for their website and social media channels. Lockdown, quarantine and social isolation unfortunately gives rise to a higher rate of domestic abuse cases. With the difficult home-life situation lockdown brought to relationships already fraught with abuse, the West Mercia Women's Aid team were keen to publicise their help lines as widely as possible - a real life-line for women in abusive situations.

With the help of West Mercia Police, we published and distributed Make Yourself Heard - a film underlining the '55' feature for those unable to vocalise their need for help. The film went viral, reaching 14.7 Million views on Twitter.

For more information regarding the help West Mercia Women's Aid provide, click here

Other films made for WMWA and to support surivors of domestic abuse can be found on our You Tube channel HERE


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