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Masefield Matters connected young people with the life and work of esteemed poet John Masefield. 

Researched, produced and filmed by local young people from Lebury in Herefordshire, Masefield's birthplace, the film creatively explores key moments in John Masefield's life that shaped him as a man and as a poet.

"Mine, was a little town of ancient grace..."

John Masefield

The small market town of Ledbury, in Herefordshire, is steeped in history and was once home to the poet John Masefield (1878-1964).

In recent years the community of Ledbury and the John Masefield society have worked together to renovate the Master's House, where the poet himself once lived, to make it the home of the John Masefield archive. This exploration of local history led Rural Media and John Masefield High School to collaborate on a creative digital media project commemorating the great poet and connecting young people with his poetry, giving them an insight into his life. 

You can watch a 'behind the scenes' documentary HERE.

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