Building Better Opportunities (BBO)


Youth & Education

Building Better Opportunities Herefordshire was launched by Landau in January 2018 to tackle unemployment and economic inactivity in over 19s across Herefordshire, a problem that affects over 6,000 people in the area. The BBO project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Working as a partner in the BBO project, we've created a digital skills shortcourse to help people on the path towards employment.

The course - which launched Spring 2019 - is designed to help build the confidence and skills of those involved, while also giving them an introduction to working in the creative industries.

Our plan is to work with care leavers and young people (19+) to help set them up with workplace skills and tools, and hopefully a creative spark as they step out in to the job market.


  • The eight-week, part-time course, is based around group- and project-learning
  • Participants will get to go out and tell their own stories, and see them published on a website
  • They will get some basic training in media skills such as video production, and look at how to publish on websites and social media
  • The course will also engage participants with some more universal skills relevant to the job market - creating impressive online CVs, interview techniques, presenting in front of a group, working on group projects, etc
BBO Herefordshire is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund
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