Lloyds Bank Foundation

We were commissioned by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales, who are partnering with six communities across England and Wales to work together to create long-term transformational change, to make six films.

During the COVID crisis, they witnessed the extraordinary work that was taking place in those communities. There was much to learn from the way people and organisations came together to support their local communities, and also what the crisis response demonstrated about the strengths that already existed in those communities that facilitated the response.

We spent time with six communities across England and Wales, talking to the people that have been supporting their local communities. 

This film focuses on Merthyr Tydfil and the way organisations and sectors came together to respond to the crisis. It was filmed in October 2020, and we hope it gives an insight into what we saw and is a helpful tool to help Lloyds Bank Foundation think through what we can learn from this together in taking a collaborative approach to addressing challenges.

To watch all six films, click here

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