Shoot Out


Youth & Education

Shoot Out was a three year Big Lottery funded project which gave young people the practical skills and confidence to make films that supported their local communities, encouraged an appetite for volunteering and enabled them to express their opinions and creativity. Through partnerships with schools, youth clubs and voluntary groups Shoot Out provided free filmmaking training to 13-19 year olds across the rural county of Herefordshire.

The impact this film has had on Yam Jams is that it has generated a sense of pride and ownership for the participants. They now know (if they did not know already) that they are part of something that is special and unique and worth making a film about

Maggie Percy, Yam Jams music club for disabled people

Young people were given the opportunity to make a film with a local charity or group. By the end of the project we had made more than a hundred short films which were then used by the organisations to promote their work or raise awareness of their cause.        

Boy with camera and tripod
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