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Shoot Smart was an action research project that looked into the effectiveness of using mobile and tablet devices for filmmaking education in the classroom. We worked with Digital Agency Fish in a Bottle, The Herefordshire Marches Federation of Academies, Kidderminster College and Film Education Consultant Cathy Poole.

"My class said, ‘You are not doing any work’, but we are. It’s harder than literacy! But it’s fun." 

Ben, Pupil

The project demonstrated that tablet filmmaking is relatively easier and cheaper than 'traditional’ filmmaking.The process is more accessible, largely due to how easily tasks can be shared and therefore be potentially more engaging and inclusive for young people. 

The ability to share work was particularly significant and a potential gamechanger. With 10 iPads in the classroom instead of one camera and with the ability to see everyone’s work only seconds after filming it, all participants felt involved, invested and responsible for the film.

Three films were successfully made and the participants’ self-esteem, confidence and creativity were demonstrably raised. The completed films, Paper Cuts (Primary), Control and Tomorrow Today (FE) impressed students and audiences.

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