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Youth & Education

Rural Media with the support of the National Lottery Community Fund developed new creative film project exploring mental health and well-being from the perspectives of young Gypsies and Travellers.


"Gypsy and Traveller young people experience high levels of social and educational exclusion in British society."

Project Co-Ordinator, TT contributor and activist Lisa Smith.

Smith adds, “We know that children from Gypsy and Traveller communities often encounter racial abuse and bullying in schools, and there are issues with teachers stereotyping and marginalising young people from these ethnic groups. This, coupled with over 500 years of history and language not being reflected  – or even  talked about – in many schools and the hostile media reporting that continues despite the community’s best efforts, ALL have an impact on young people’s sense of belonging, the way they feel about themselves and the world we all share. To add to this, cuts in the education sector and the demise of a Traveller Education support network, means families now have minimal support or resources to advocate for their children’s rights and well-being in education.”

Watch all the films in the series on the Travellers Times You Tube Channel HERE

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