It's Good to Rokker


Youth & Education

It's Good to Rokker is a new mental health and education project working with young Gypsies & Travellers aged 16-24


There are young people from our communities excelling in education, but sadly there are just as many, maybe more, who are not faring so well. We hope these films will make a difference – and we’d love to hear from anyone who has a story they want to share.

Lisa Smith, Project Co-Ordinator

School exclusions continue to plague young Gypsies and Travellers,coupled with Traveller history not being taught – or even being talked about – in schools and hostile media reporting the impact on mental health is huge.  

Through this project we will support young Gypsies and Travellers to bring these issues to the wider public by giving them the chance to share their personal stories, experiences and problems through short online dramas. The project will give advise and training to healthcare professionals, teachers and policy makers better understand the barriers young people – all young people, not only Gypsies and Travellers - experience in getting the help and respect they need to fulfil their potential. They young people involved will get to work with professional writers and filmmakers to create the films, which will be part of a national resource for teachers, schools and service providers to act as a springboard for discussions about health, wellbeing, diversity and acceptance.

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