About Us

Who we are

We're a Hereford-based production company and charity producing award-winning films and digital arts projects. Founded 30 years ago by CEO Nic Millington, we have a reputation, locally and nationally, for telling powerful stories from unheard voices and nurturing creative talent.

Rural Media Charity works with communities, schools, groups and individuals to create issue-driven films, heritage and digital arts projects that raise awareness, influence change and celebrate rural life. 

Rural Studios is the sister company of Rural Media Charity. From television and radio for national broadcasters, to online and social media films for charities and businesses of all sizes, we pride ourselves on changing perspectives through film & audio, and empowering future talent with our innovative storytelling and powerful visuals.

Income from production will be invested back into the Charity to ensure media participation and production  continues to thrive in Herefordshire and beyond. Learn more HERE

Our impact

We can and do make a difference. 

Even when our projects are finished, their legacy continues to have a positive and lasting impact.

Through our Charity projects people can:

  • Engage with and gain a greater understanding of their communities

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

  • Learn practical filmmaking and creative digital skills

  • Share and tackle the problems of rural isolation

  • Influence policy and help determine their own future

  • Promote a better understanding of their culture, history and way of life

  • Actively participate in cultural production


More About Us

Our registered office:

Packers House

25 West Street




Company registration number:

02732325 registered in England and Wales


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