Teme Valley Youth Project


Youth & Education

During the winter of 2020, we worked with a group of 15-24-year-olds who live in the Teme Valley area. Together, we created two films exploring what it's like to be a young person living in a rural area.

The Teme Valley Youth Project group participated in a series of workshops on cine literacy, film development, scriptwriting, production, camera training, shot selection and finally the shoot itself. Both films looked to examine the complexities of rural life from the perspective of people, not yet in charge of their own destiny – relying on intermittent public transport, experiencing social isolation and cultural poverty as well as poor access to mental health services.


  • interface explores a friendship that begins online with only a few necessary words shared and moves slowly towards friendship and the chance to meet face to face.

  • Buss-ed is the study of a vulnerable young person who doesn’t know who they are yet. As their front facing identity alters, shifts and then falters, an unexpected kindness pulls them back and they find comradery in the most unexpected place.


Projects like this, that reach out into the heartlands of Herefordshire, offering young people meaningful creative experiences, lie at the core of Rural Media's charitable work and never has it been more important to listen and offer a platform for voices to be heard. Both films will be toured to rurally isolated schools, colleges and youth groups. A conversation will be started where we'll listen and share thoughts and response.

If you have any queries regarding the project, please contact Rachel Lambert


Funded by Hereford Community Foundation.

Hereford Community Foundation

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