Five Years in the Fifties


Arts & Heritage

The Frank Dale Collection is a unique and vast archive of cine film shot by local businessman Frank Dale over a relatively short period of five years in the 1950s.

Working with the North Herefordshire Archive Film Group, we created a film from the archive, complete with a new score by Kim Humphrey and a poem by Philip Wells. 

"It’s a glorious collection. By making this short film, more people will enjoy this beautifully detailed glimpse of Herefordshire in the 1950s. It will also be a very valuable education resource; there are people still living locally who remember life as it was then."

Anita Syers-Gibson, North Herefordshire Film Archive Group

We wanted to create something that would engage audiences of all ages, bringing this slice of Herefordshire history to vivid life.

Kim Humphreys' 30-minute score for violin, viola and clarinet beautifully captured the mood and emotion of the film, and poet Philip Wells constructed a new poem to accompany the piece, which also evoked a perfectly balanced sense of the drama and emotion of both the film and the occasion.

The film, complete with live music and poem, played to audiences at Hay Festival, Lyde, Cawley Hall, Ledbury Market Theatre and at the Borderlines Film Festival. 

Five Years in the Fifties - Image 1
Five Years in the Fifties - Image 2