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We have been working with Digital Artist Alastair Eilbeck from media arts practise, MEYOUANDUS, and Creative Technologist Dr. Emma Posey on an Arts Council supported research & development project.

What an amazing and engaging event, Rural Media, you totally triumphed.As a new member of the Herefordshire creative community it was really fantastic to have a platform to engage with other organisations, art forms, ideas and opinions on digital media. 

Sophie Moteley, Pentabus Theatre Company

Then aim of the project is to develop a rural network connecting artists and creatives working in rural Herefordshire with innovative digital technology which is more accessible in bigger cities such as Birmingham City University’s ‘Maker Monday’ events. The network will also allow creatives to share knowledge and form better collaborations and partnerships and members will also feed into discussions about a Cultural Strategy for Herefordshire.  

We organised two events 'The Happening' a celebration of the formation of the network - an official launch party with invited guests and inspiration-fuelled fun including 'Talkaoke', Virtual Reality, Hololens, Project Mapping music and the MASH Cinema 360 degree cine dome; followed by 'The Finding' where the collaborative work starts, ideas for the function, formation and appetite for a network and the first seeds of a portfolio of projects are coming to life. 


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