Youth & Education

ReFocus was a resource of four films made in partnership with West Mercia Women’s Aid. 

The films explore the impact that domestic abuse has on young people - particularly those living in rural areas - and were made with young people who have lived through domestic abuse but are now living in safety.

"Powerfully brought across the emotional impacts and effect of Domestic Violence on young people…young people have been the unseen victims and have traditionally nowhere to go to about domestic abuse…cinemas should be encouraged to screen such films before main features."

Richard Gabb, Herefordshire Council

Watch Question Space and The Things We Took With Us  here  

We wanted not only to creatively explore young people’s experience of domestic abuse but also to help identify possible gaps in service provision and support for young victims. The films had a significant impact on Local Safeguarding Children Boards and at national conferences.



The Things we took with us