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With thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Young Roots fund, we have been working with young people from Whitecross High School, Hereford on a project to explore how valued young Polish people feel in contemporary British society

“Her Majesty’s government will never forget the debt they owe to the Polish troops who have served them so valiantly and for all those who have fought under our command…”

Winston Churchill, 1947, House of Commons speech

To watch the film with subtitles in Polish click here 

Aby obejrzeć film z polskimi napisami, kliknij tutaj 

The project was developed by students at Whitecross Hereford High School , who were keen to explore their Polish heritage and contribution to WW2 then share that learning as widely as possible with their peers and the wider community.

Through workshops and field trips, including talking to members of the older Polish community the young people gathered stories and produced a short film drama plus a longer film following their journey. Acknowledging the contribution that Polish people have made to British society, challenges the misconception of Polish people living in British society as dependents.

The students are also fundraising for match funding for this exciting project - if you would like to contribute please donate here 

Accompanying the film is an exhibition touring throughout 2020.

Please contact Katie Horne via Whitecross High School here for more information. 


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