What We Offer

Got an idea? Let us help you bring it to life; from inception to delivery, we offer a complete production service.




The development stage is where your ideas are formed into treatments, synopses, character breakdowns and storyboards. We can guide you through this process, using our experience and knowledge to support you in creating your project from the ground up.



Every successful film starts with a great script. The foundation of your project relies on getting your script right. Our experienced in-house writers have worked in television, film and online and can offer all the advice and support you need to create your script.

Project Management


Every project, large or small, needs guidance and thorough planning across all stages of development, production and delivery. As we work to attain the highest standards of quality, we'll make sure everything runs smoothly.

We have experienced project managers that have worked for studios, corporations and digital media companies to support you and your projects from the initial concept through to final product.




This is the first moment that your ideas become tangible. With an experienced crew and high-end filming equipment, we will capture every aspect, every emotion and every moment of your film to the highest standard.



Sound brings the scene right into the room with you by using dialogue, sound effects and music to breathe life into the visuals. We offer sound recording, both on and off set, with qualified sound mixers, high-end production equipment and in-house voice recording facilities to give your project crisp, evocative audio. 




Post Production is the final stage where the real flare is added and your project is realised on the screen.

Within our office in the heart of Herefordshire, we have two main edit suites; our Online Edit Suite and Offline Edit Suite.

Both of our edit suites use Apple MacPro’s and benefit from the latest Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop), along with Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve.

Each edit suite is connected to our central 42TB EVO Shared Storage for a collaborative editing experience and a more efficient digital workflow.



Our main Online Edit Suite offers the full screening experience and is equipped with a 133” projection screen, and a Flanders Scientific broadcast reference monitor, calibrated by industry specialists for high-end delivery, for colour-accurate work.

We can provide basic colour grades in Premiere Pro, online picture fixes in After Effects or a complex colour grade using the powerful DaVinci Resolve suite.

Our Offline Edit Suite also offers a 40” client viewing screen and calibrated reference monitor for less complex colour work.



Our main Online Edit Suite has now been upgraded to support audio production for the BBC New Creatives project.

We have now equipped the suite with Voice Over recording and mixing facilities. The installation of new speakers, mixing desks and audio interfaces now allow us to mix and deliver to a much higher standard.

For Audio Production, we utilise Adobe Audition and Logic Pro X to deliver broadcast compliant content.

We’re networked with an experienced pool of freelancers to help meet the high standards of delivery.

Our Offline Edit Suite also has minor upgrades for mixing and monitoring to improve the delivery of even the smallest projects.



Our facility can deliver in multiple formats, whether your content is destined for a smartphone, computer screen or cinema projection.

Using specialist industry software, we can produce DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) quickly and efficiently, but also check content for quality before delivering to the cinema. Projects can also be delivered in AppleProResH264 for the Web and more.

Our high-speed fibre internet allows us to upload and download content at speeds of up to 100mbps, in both directions.

Once projects are complete, we archive all of our work to our LTO 6 tape system, a cost-effective method of archiving that allows for long-term storage.




A carefully considered strategy is paramount to the success of your project.

We offer strategic advice to all our clients, providing marketing solutions and making sure our work aligns with your brief, targeted channels, intended audience, and brand values.



No matter your copy requirements - marketing, public relations, reports, studies, online, in print - our experienced writers will provide words to match your ambitions and fulfill your needs.



We offer a range of workshops, seminars and masterclasses covering all levels of experience. From media beginners to industry professionals, we can offer training in all areas of media production including screenwriting, equipment use and various software tutorials.