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The Travellers’ Times is one of Rural Media’s long-term projects.

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, it delivers media skills training and publishes a national print and online magazine by Gypsy and Traveller community journalists for all to enjoy. 

"Just wanted to say a big thank-you to Travellers’ Times, it was only through wanting to read the magazine as a child through to an adult that I have learnt how to read and write as I never had much chances to go to go to school due to us always being on the road, I get lots of good advice and information off the website too - makes me proud to be a Traveller"  

B McDonagh

Rural Media provides a high-quality platform celebrating Gypsy, Roma & Traveller culture, challenging stereotypes and negative media representation and supporting campaigns.  

Travellers’ Times is also a valuable tool for those working directly or indirectly with these communities, providing greater awareness and understanding – as well as a unique line of communication that is highly respected and trusted by Gypsies and Travellers throughout the UK.

In 2018 we also launched #YTT a platformed aimed specifically at young Gypsies and Travellers aged 25 giving them space to share their stories and access information, advice and other opportunities    

Visit the Travellers' Times website to find out more. 


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